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Association IAEBF

The students who successfully complete the training with good results will be allowed to be part of the International Association for Bitfitters IEABF (


The IAEBF is an association which consists of an enthusiastic group of people who actively engage in the horse sector. Think about teachers, veterinarians, dental technicians, saddle fitters and different physiotherapist.


The goal is to make the horses owner aware of the importance of the combination between a good appropriate bit and a well-maintained teeth to improve the welfare of the horse.

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International education in English!

8 January 2018

The English bitfitting training (Part A – modules 1 – 3) will be given in 2018, from Sep. 20-22 and…

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Course season 2017

The first course season has been successful! The group of equestrian professionals have followed the education with great enthusiasm!

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Nominated for Horses Product of the Year 2016!

1 March 2017

The International Education for Equine Bit Fitters is nominated for Horses Product of the Year 2016 in the category of education! Would you…

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