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About us


Christie Dreessen (Header Teacher)
Christie Dreessen has been involved in the dental care of horses for over 10 years. In order to provide a level of service to riders and their horses, Christie has started a Horse Veterinary Dental Centre with her colleague Remko Sweere. Due to the large demand for knowledge about the bit in the horse’s mouth, Christie started the concept of Bitfitting in 2011, which has already developed into a well-known concept.


Remko Sweere (Head Teacher)
Remko Sweere graduated as a veterinarian and has focused his studies on dentistry of the horse and the balancing of the teeth using the VPGC. On a wider level of service for riders and their horses, Remko also deals with any chiropractic issues that horses may experience. The aim is to obtain balance of the body and teeth for greater riding comfort and performance for both rider and horse.


Guest lecturers

  • Aldo Doveren
  • Sandra Vetter
  • Zefanja Vermeulen
  • Géraldine Vandevenne


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International education in English!

8 January 2018

The English bitfitting training (Part A – modules 1 – 3) will be given in 2018, from Sep. 20-22 and…

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Course season 2017

The first course season has been successful! The group of equestrian professionals have followed the education with great enthusiasm!

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Nominated for Horses Product of the Year 2016!

1 March 2017

The International Education for Equine Bit Fitters is nominated for Horses Product of the Year 2016 in the category of education! Would you…

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